Each year many individuals and teams come to work with LIGHT and to bless the LIGHT team and the Chinese people.  Many are medical professionals, medical students, educators, business people, and those from many other fields.  Typically about ten teams and 30 individuals visit each year.

Medical visitors can teach medicine to the resident students in the Family Practice program, and they can provide medical care to patients in the clinics, orphanages, countryside, and nursing homes.  Our faculty can also benefit from your teaching of recent medical developments.

I’m not a doctor, so can I come visit and help???

Emphatically, YES!  Non-medical workers are also vital to LIGHT work.  Auxiliary roles in the countryside work can lighten the load for the medical team.  Non-medical workers can also serve as a great source of encouragement for the long term staff and their families.  Business people can teach LIGHT administrative staff how to improve their quality of work.  People from other fields can often serve in their areas of expertise.  Visitors can always help by holding, feeding, and loving babies at the orphanages, and visit the often lonely elderly at nursing homes.

If you are interested in coming, you first need to contact us.  Once we receive your inquiry, someone from our Foreign Affairs department will contact you and help you with all aspects of planning your trip including lodging and orientation.  We can also help you plan sightseeing and other activities while you are here.  When you arrive, someone from LIGHT will meet you at the airport and help you get settled.

Our FAQs page may help you with some of the basic questions you may have.  If you are serious about visiting, our mobilizers will be able to help you with all the details.

For more information about Shenyang, we are happy to redirect you to the website of Langston English.  They operate a Chinese language program for westerners that we recommend to anyone moving to Shenyang for their language learning plan.  Their website has by far the most comprehensive page regarding the culture of LIGHT’s home city.