LIGHT is a registered non-government non-profit entity in Shenyang.  Most of the funding for our work comes from donors.  Your donations change lives!  We not only accept money and medical supplies, but also slightly used clothing, linens, and personal hygiene items for orphans and nursing home residents.  Please contact us before donating medical supplies.

For those living in China: you may give through your LIGHT contact person or by visiting our office.  Of course, you can also give electronically through PayPal or our partners introduced below.  

For our friends outside of China:

Gifts can be sent through the PayPal link on this website, which will incur a 2.3% +$0.90 administrative fee, but the donations are not eligible for tax-free status in the USA and Canada.  Therefore, LIGHT does not issue any official receipt for PayPal donations.  If you give via PayPal, you may send a “gift” (NOT a “donation”) to carlndebk[at]gmail[dot]com

For tax-deductible donations, checks can be mailed to our partner 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States and Canada:

1. In His Image at the following address: In His Image P.O. Box 1191 Tulsa, OK 74101 918-710-4208 Please write “LIGHT’ on a post-it note or piece of paper and attach it to the check.  If you would like to give to a specific project, please write more details on the note.

2. Global Partners at the following address: Global Partners P.O. Box 50434 Indianapolis, IN 46250 317-774-7943 Our Canadian friends can send checks to Global Partners at this address: The Wes. Ch. of Canada 1830 Mountain Road Moncton, NB E1G 1A9 506-383-8326

To specify official projects within the Global Partners system, please include the following project name and number in the subject line of the check on in an enclosed note:

  • WM06-1099: countryside clinics
  • WM06-1100: Family Practice resident training
  • WM06-1101: orphanage outreach & surgeries
  • WM06-1248: foster care
  • WM06-1475: FP cross-cultural resident training
  • WM05-0217: wherever LIGHT has the most need

You may give to any of our departments, even if they do not have an account number listed.  Just indicate that on a note.  Both of these partner 501(c)(3) organizations can receive online donations (EFTs or credit card).  Just click on the link!  These partner organizations charge a 12% administrative fee.

Current Initiatives in Need of Funds

Family Practice Training Program: donations help pay local staff and resident salaries.  It has been a major challenge to keep up with market rate salaries, making it difficult to maintain and hire staff and residents.

Orphanages: LIGHT provides milk, fluoride, multivitamins, medications, medical equipment, staffing, special feedings, skilled nursing care, and diagnostic tests for orphans.

Children’s surgeries: donations enable LIGHT to fund diagnostic tests, simple surgeries, hospitalizations, and often life-saving interventions for orphans and foster children.  Orphan Adoption Preparation Home Funds help expat and Chinese families with the extra medical and care costs associated with fostering the medically-neediest orphans while waiting for forever-families.

Countryside clinics: Funds allotted for rural areas in our province purchase medicines and medical supplies for our work, and enable us to travel to the countryside.

HIV Clinic: Donations help fund weekly trips to a nearby location and medicine to care for those afflicted with this disease.

Disaster Relief: After the SiChuan earthquake and subsequent tremblers in the SW, we have sent emergency and follow-up medical teams.  Donations will help us continue to respond within days of future emergencies.

Hospice Care: Donations are needed to fund a nurse to oversee this program and train volunteer caregivers, and to supply medicine and nutrition for those who can’t afford basic necessities in their final days.

Thank you for considering a financial investment in our work!

H’image Clinic Donation List

If you would like to donate any of these items, please let us know. Thanks!

打印复印传真一体机 Office ALL-IN-ONE INK JET PRINTERS (1)

净水器(连接自来水) Water purifier(connect with tap water) (1)

壁柜 Wall cabinet (1 set)

办公桌椅 Working desk with armchair (6 set)

打印扫描一体机 Office PRINTERS(with scan function) (2)

空气净化器 Air Purifier (3)

微波炉 Micro-wave oven (1)

咖啡机 Coffee machine (1)

消毒柜 Disinfection cabinet (1)

电脑(8成新) Computer (eighty percent new/practically new) (3)

透明整理箱 Transparent Storage box (No limit)

不锈钢置物架 Stainless Steel Shelf (6 set)

新的医学期刊 Updated medical journal (no topic limit)

阅片灯箱 LED viewbox (2)

注册护士考试用书 RN textbook (1)

胎心监护仪 Fetus ECG monitor (1)

挂壁式检眼镜检耳镜 Wall mounted diagnosis set (2)

喉镜 Langeryscope (1)

儿童电子血压计 Electronic sphygmomanometer for children (1)

婴儿体重秤 Digital scale for baby (1)