The LIGHT orphanage work began in February, 2003. We hired a Chinese nurse to weigh and measure children at the government-run orphanage in our city and to help with the feeding of the babies there. This nurse proved to be a helpful bridge between our medical team and the orphanage workers and leadership.

The LIGHT orphanage team consists of medical and non-medical members.  We make weekly visits to the orphanage. The doctors evaluate the children and make recommendations for treatments, in coalition with the orphanage medical staff and with the assistance of our nurse. The non-medical team members spend time with the children – playing, teaching, massaging and other ways to show them tender love and care.

As funds allow, we try to assist with paying for surgeries and other medical needs.  Our team also provides medicines, multivitamins, fluoride, milk and medical supplies – things that the children might otherwise not receive.

We have been encouraged with the progress that we have seen in many of the children!  This is one area that is in need of donations to help “one of the least of these.”