Nursing Homes

LIGHT serves several nursing homes in and around this metropolitan region.  These homes give the residents many opportunities to practice and to see patients on their own.  We send at least one faculty doctor to answer questions the resident students have at these offsite institutions.  We usually schedule two trips per week by our medical team.

We also send a non-medical team to one home each week.  Regular services include cutting hair, finger and toe nails, and shaving faces.  We can also clean hands and faces, and give some pampering with moisturizing lotions.  Sometimes the hardworking caregivers receive simple massages from a friendly LIGHT volunteer.  Since many of the residents have had strokes, we also perform some simple physical therapy.  Local volunteers and visitors often join us on these trips.

Occasionally we discover someone with an acute medical condition like bedsores.  If the LIGHT volunteers present that day are not trained in whatever type of care is needed, we will arrange a special visit from one of our medical staff, or if possible, arrange to transport the nursing home resident to our clinic for treatment.  We raise funds for this benevolent care as this service is above and beyond our normal practice.