International Clinics

LIGHT currently works at three clinics: a Global Doctor Clinic, LIGHT Charitable Clinic and LIGHT International Clinic.  They all provide health care to expats and Chinese alike.  Global Doctor, staffed by our foreign faculty, and LIGHT clinics, staffed by our very own graduates of LIGHT FM Training Program, serve as our medical headquarters and also provide funding resources for our charitable work.  All clinics are located inside the privately-owned Deji Hospital.

Global Doctor Clinic

Owned by Global Doctor, headquartered in Perth, Australia, the Shenyang Global Doctor Clinic opened in April, 2002, and is one of eight branch clinics in China.

Their business focuses primarily on providing Western standard medical care for local foreigners.

LIGHT collaborates with Global Doctor by providing doctors for the clinic.  Global Doctor administrates and provides facility, resources, equipment, insurance and licenses.


LIGHT Charitable Clinic

The LIGHT Charitable clinic, founded in August 2005, provides a training base for our residency program.  Medical care is provided mainly for Chinese who cannot afford traditional health care options at little or no cost.


LIGHT International Clinic

Also known as H’IMAGE Clinic, the LIGHT International Clinic opened in August 2013, with the primary goal of providing high-quality Western style medicine to local Chinese.  It is staffed by two Chinese family physicians who are graduates of LIGHT’s Family Medicine Training Program.  In addition to receiving excellent medical care in their own language, nationals also receive medical consultation by our foreign faculty.