Hospice Care

End-of-life issues are a huge challenge here, and LIGHT is simply not big enough to make much of a dent in the problems many people face.  So we are developing this project in conjunction with local groups who have large volunteer resource pools.  Currently we are working with 2 large groups in our city, defining roles, identifying volunteers etc…  LIGHT plans to hire a nurse to coordinate the medical aspect of this program as soon as funds become available.  Once hired, the focus will very quickly become getting volunteers trained in caregiving and developing an infrastructure to support the anticipated volume of patients.

LIGHT developed the medical curriculum based on stateside models.  Adaptation to the Chinese culture will take much work.  The sheer magnitude of the need will create many challenges.  The single child families are aging, and the days of having multiple children available to care for ailing parents are beginning to fade.  A rapidly urbanizing population adds to the challenge.  Stay tuned as we work through this developing project.