Family Practice Doctor Training Program

LIGHT’s Family Practice Residency (FP) program started in July 2002, and it is the core program of our organization. Each year a small number of graduates from local medical schools are accepted into the residency program to be trained in a three-year specialization in family medicine. Through these residents, it is our hope to train the next generation of high-level FM residents and to subsequently have an impact on the mid-level and low-level FM doctor training in China.

The training of our residents takes place in several locations and contexts in and around Shenyang City, such as the Global Doctor International Clinic, hospitals, orphanages, countryside clinics, nursing homes, H’IMAGE Clinic and LIGHT’s charitable clinic.

Today the program consists of:

1. Three-year study program
2. Authorized AAFP training materials
3. Weekly lectures by American certified physicians and other specialists
4. Local hospital residency
5. International Family Practice seminars
6. Cooperation with China Medical University
7. Weekly orphanage, nursing home and countryside visits
8. Intensive patient care

Current Foreign Teachers

Peter Burgos, MD
Carlton Baer, MD
Brian Holsinger, DO
Eva Holsinger, MD
Sunny Wong, MD
Heather Anderson, MD
Mei-Lin Chen, MD

We also have several short-term foreign visitors who come to serve as teaching doctors.

Family Practice Development Nationwide

In the past few years the government has developed national policies and goals for FP programs, including recognizing licensed FP doctors who graduate from recognized institutions.  LIGHT is at the forefront of the development of China’s family practice growth initiative.  We have been participating for a number of years with In His Image seminars in Family Medicine around the country.  Our resident graduates write articles for the three national journals of Family Medicine each month, which are well received.  Our faculty authored several chapters in an evidence-based medicine textbook, which has become the standard FM textbook used across the country.