Foster Care

Part of our care for orphans is aimed at getting the neediest ones into homes where more frequent and individualized attention is available.  Sometimes we encounter orphans who, without urgent intervention, may not survive in their immediate environment.  And despite our efforts at the orphanages, some children remain far behind their peers medically, intellectually, and emotionally.  So LIGHT works to find temporary homes to nurture them through caring foster parents in preparation for forever families.  We also have begun work to motivate groups of Chinese friends to become much more involved in fostering.  Still, there are too many at-risk orphans to place them all in foster care.  This is an area where we could really use more financial support.

Though the needs are still great, we have had many success stories – changed lives and kids, who once had little hope, given chances to grow and become contributors to society.  Some of their stories can be accessed through the links below.  Thank you for all you do to support these precious little ones!!!