Countryside Clinics

Part of our LIGHT work is to serve the people in the poorer countryside areas.

One afternoon each week a team of doctors, resident students, nurses, administrators, helpers and visitors go to a remote area in the countryside to treat patients. As an important part of the residents’ education, we also help teach lower level countryside doctors some FP techniques.

In the past we have provided services in small clinics and private homes. We want to be of help to those really poor who can’t afford to see a doctor. We want them to know they are precious, even though they do not have enough money for their treatment. We want to help the whole body, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Most of our current work centers on nursing and boarding homes with a few dozen to a few hundred people living there. We are often asked to step in the gap and help train key people at these locations. There are plenty of opportunities to join in helping these often forgotten people.

Donations fund transportation, medicines, medical tests, Chinese staff, administrators, emergency surcharges, and surgeries if necessary.