Our group is called “LIGHT” (Liaoning International General Health Trainers).  We exist to bless the Chinese through three main objectives:

  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Teach Chinese doctors in western Family Practice Medicine
  • That our light would so shine before men…

We treat patients at an international clinic, orphanages, foster homes, nursing homes and at indigent clinics in areas where modern medical care is not available.  Our liaison service helps expats who need hospital care to ensure the best possible communication and treatment.

Our Family Practice (FP) Resident Training program is a three-year program consisting of several graduates of a 5 year medical school.  Our teachers are western-educated and practiced doctors.  Through these faculty, it is our hope to teach the next generation of top level Chinese FP residents.

Our residents participate in the following educational activities:

– rotations at high level local teaching hospitals

– weekly outpatient training at orphanages, nursing homes and countryside clinics

– outpatient care at our international clinic supervised by expat faculty doctors

– care for local foster children, indigent patients from the city, and expats at the LIGHT Charitable Clinic

– weekly “academic afternoon” led by our foreign faculty

Many of our residents have also come to catch our vision to let light shine before men.  We strive to treat the body, mind and spirit, knowing that if all three are not healthy, the patient is not fully well.  The fields are truly ripe for harvest with so many needs and so few workers. We sow, water, and are privileged to bless the Chinese people!